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Modern International school


Modern International school is a English Medium School, The School is committed to providing an enriching educational experience - one that inspires children to recognize their full potential and fosters their holistic development.

The School's education program is a fine blend of curricular, co-curricular activities and sports that focus on imparting knowledge, skills and values that will make children happy and successful.

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→ Why Us

Modern International school

Throughout the entire Academic session the following skills and values are taught directly or indirectly (in an implied manner).

  • Critical Thinking & Problem Solving
  • Communication & Collaboration
  • Student Leadership & Personality Development
  • Digital Literacy
  • Creativity & Imagination

→   Facilities 

Co-curricular activities

There is a wide and vibrant range of co-curricular activities to keep the children active and engaged.  Our sports facilities are our pride!

The age old philosophy "a fit body leads to an able mind", a cliche forgotten by many in today's fast paced technology ridden world, is widely respected and acknowledged in Modern International school .

A sports excellence model is pursued for sports education during school hours. Sports training and talent hunt and development, is a part of the sports curriculum, enabling kids from schools to compete and showcase their abilities.

Our Philosophy

To grow and develop by being prepared linguistically and culturally for meeting the demands of the modern world.

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To provide world class education and nurturing environment to the students, so that they develop into confident individuals, ever evolving learners and responsible citizens.

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Develop into confident yet compassionate, principled and balanced global citizens capable of thinking independently.

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To embrace multiculturalism and value the strength of Indian culture and communal harmony by respecting the prevalent differences and beliefs of others.

Our Mentors

The function of education is to teach one to think intensively and to think critically.
Intelligence plus character - that is the goal of true education.

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Zafar Eqbal , Director

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Ashish Ranjan , Principal